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A man who is currently single and looking for friends with a man

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Age: 34, Orientation: bicurious / mostly straight, Height: 6' 01" (185 cm), Weight: 200 lbs (91 kg), Body Type: fit, Ethnicity: mixed / multi

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 USA  >>  Alabama  >>  Dothan

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MANLY MAN WANTED!!! A gentleman and a simple man. I'm going to be in a bad mood just because, I'm not pleasant watching my team lose, I don't take compliments well and I bottle up my emotions sometimes. But... You will never meet anyone else like me. See, that's the cool thing, there are billions of people in this world, but we all bring something to the table that no one else can. Accept my flaws and I'll accept yours.I want strength. Not necessarily muscles, although I ain't against it, ha! Someone who isn't afraid to be himself, gets done what needs gettin' done, can handle any situation... you see what I mean here, right?!? If you have a beard, listen to R&B and smell like you YOU take care of yourself, that's a bonus.

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Sincere man hopes to forge open and honest relationship with man who respects life Peter Parker once said 'You don't trust anyone, that's your problem.' But you can trust me. Good day lads! I'm a Sarcastic sort of gentleman, who likes nothing more than sketching with the right man. The first thing people usually notice about me is my Funny personality, closly followed by my smashing Arms. I am not one of those fake people who pretends not to notice their own qualities. My Arms and Legs are top notch. These gems of honesty are just part of the Sarcastic person I am. I work as a Truck Driver, helping Everyone. This allows me to exercise my skills: Leadership and Creativity. I would like to tell you about the time I met Sheena Easton, which is true, but it's important to me that you know I'm honest, so I'll save the wilder parts of my life for another time. My life goals include: Use a spider web as a parachute Become the best Truck Driver I can be Help all the Everyone in the world If you're the right man for me, you'll be Friendly and Intelligent. You won't be afraid to have a good time and will have a healthy respect for life. My ideal date would involve swimming in Belize with a Honest man by my side. While we're there, I compliment your Firm Buttocks. Honesty and openness are the most important qualities in a relationship. I will be honest with you, if you will be honest with me. I will never hit on your best friend whilst you're visiting a sick relative, never text my ex behind your back while you're asleep, never post naked photos of you on Facebook. That's just the kind of gentleman I am. Go web! Fly! Up, up, and away web! Shazaam! Go! Go! Go web go! Tally ho. I urge you, get in touch 5hourbodyarmour

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